Dan Lok’s 7-Week High-Ticket Closer Program

7 Week Intensive Training Program

Week_1 Dan

WEEK 1: Dominate In Business With A High-Ticket Goal

Don’t use stupid sales techniques for your business. Dan shows you in the first week how to be successful in closing deals.

You do not need to be pushy when it comes to high ticket sales.

WEEK 2: The Human Psychology in Closing

Dig deep into human psychology to close offers on luxury goods or services. This requires new methods that you will learn in this week. 

Danlok teaches you how to read a person’s mind just in minutes.

WEEK 3: The One-Call Closer Strategy

Use his techniques properly and people think that you are good at closing deals. But you need to work from day 1.

You can ask our mentor’s past 4,900+ and everyone says the same thing.

WEEK 4: Use The 7 Secrets and Close Millions Of Dollars Over The Phone

So far Dan in his business has closed thousands of deals and made millions just using his phone. 

You can’t find these skills on Google or any other platform.

WEEK 5: Be A KungFu Master Who Can Handle A 350-Pound Boxer  With Ease ns Of Dollars Over The Phone  

You will learn how to lead a conversation with anyone in this 5th week. 
You’ll learn that if your prospect gives you more resistance, then you need to understand that you can take control over him/her and close the deal easily.

WEEK 6: Find The Right High-Ticket Partners

You will come to know how Dan Lok acquired these skills from his years of experience to close big deals. 

Experience how other HTC students are closing deals.

WEEK 7: Discover How HTC Students Are Making A 6-Figure Income

This is the most important week to discover how a lot of students are making a 6-figure income.

Learn how to meet and introduce yourself to clients. This is a win-win strategy,

WEEK 8: Bonus Class Unlocks!

Chance to win a bonus class and receive Dan’s valuable teachings. You can unlock this class by being a team player and encouraging fellow members and attending 80% to the classes.
HTC students call this their favorite!

Your Life Will Be Transformed…

  • With the newly acquired high income skills, you can create your financial freedom.
  • Get into work immediately as Dan guides you in HTC. It does not matter where you live in the world, you could still use your High Income Skills and make lots of money.
  • After becoming a high ticket closer you can close deals with a single phone call. You can proudly say that now you are your own boss 
  • Get support and advice from Htc family members every week.
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This Book Teaches You How To Make Money

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  • Make a living without working for anyone and be your own boss
  • Learn simple but powerful business skills
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  • You will be able to have so much in your savings
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  • You can work from home and make a living
  • You can triple your monthly income
  • You can be stress-free
  • Travel all around the world
  • You can make your dreams come true
  • You can provide a good education to your children 
  • Become a multimillionaire before the age of 30


What You’ll Get Out Of The Book

  • Discover 13 biggest business secrets of Dan Lok and become successful
  • Find out the wealth triangles
  • How to raise your business standards from zero to million dollars
  • How to scale your business
  • Learn new rules of wealth to create a fortune
  • Discover high ROI techniques
  • Find a way to increase your income without spending a lot of time and effort
  • How to become financially literate
  • Know the secrets of money  
  • Find the new rules of wealth
  • How to increase your strength to reach your goal
  • Learn how to make money work for you

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